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Why Professional Counseling?

Your "grief journey" requires not only time, but, also a strong support system. A professional grief counselor can be an important part of your support system. 

A professional GRIEF counselor can provide you with help that your family, friends and non-professional support systems can not provide.

A counselor can help you understand the dramatic shifts in feelings that accompany this traumatic loss. Gaining insight into your "grief needs" and feelings help you learn to cope with the pain and loss. There are various activities and techniques used by therapists that can help you manage grief. This can help reduce the overwhelming stress you experience both mentally and physically.


In the later years of grief, counseling can assist you in your continuing your lifelong "grief journey". You can learn to develop ways to honor the memory of your child, while keeping the love and connection with your child in your heart forever. You will work to find meaning and purpose in the new life you create for yourself.

About Dr. Rutherford:

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In 1984, Dr. Rutherford began her professional career in the field of Grief, Loss and Life Counseling. Throughout her years of practice she choose never to counsel a parent who experienced the death of a child. Dr. Rutherford always believed that the death of a child was incomparable to any other loss.

In March 2006, her life changed forever. Her 28 year old son, Tommy, died as the result of a motorcycle accident. It was at that time she knew that the belief she held was true. The death of a child is unparalleled to any other loss. It was because of her loss, she has chosen to devote her professional career to helping others build their new life after the death of a child.

Dr. Rutherford earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor and a National Certified Psychologist.

As a National speaker, she shares her experience of the loss of a child. She provides educational seminars to bereaved parents and professionals on grieving and coping after the death of a child. She maintains a private practice in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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